How Reminders and Alerts Work

The reminders and alerts feature in NJ Rideshare allows users to be notified if new ride matches have been found for them and allows users to set reminders to log commute activities.

  1. New Match Alerts

    Use this feature to search for new matches automatically, without having to log into the system to manually search for matches. An alert will be sent to you whenever new commuters who match your commute criteria enter the database.

    Set system to keep looking for carpool and vanpools.

    • NJ Rideshare tracks all the carpool and vanpool matches you've ever seen
    • Re-runs your match automatically
    • o Notifies you by text or email when you have a new match

  2. Commute Report Reminders

    Use this feature to remind you to log your commute activity. Logging your commute activity is beneficial to see commuting trends and may be required for incentive programs, if your employer offers them.

    Sign up to receive a reminder to report your commute.

    • Choose how often and what time of day
    • Via email or text
    • Message has link that comes back to commute calendar
    • Works on web browsers and mobile devices

If you have questions, visit our Contact Page for contact information for your Transportation Management Association (TMA) or call 1-800-245-POOL (7665) to be connected to your TMA during business hours.