Profile FAQ

  1. Why do I have to register?

    Registering allows the NJ Rideshare system to find appropriate matches for you whether you’re interested in carpooling or searching for a vanpool. The system allows you to email would-be matches Your profile will also help you identify public transit routes that may be available for your commute.

    NJ Rideshare also allows you to track the impact of your commute activities. Whether you carpool, vanpool, use public transit, bicycle or drive alone, you will be able to see how your transportation choice affects your savings both monetarily and environmentally.

  2. What information will other commuters see?

    Other registered commuters in the database will only see a commuter ID number that is assigned to you upon registering. Your name, address, phone number and email address will not be visible to anyone. Your email address will only be shared with potential carpool partners you choose to contact.

  3. A map is used to show your approximate start location and your exact end location. The map does not show your exact home address. Will you keep my info private and not use it for other purposes?

    NJ Rideshare always keeps your information private and does not share information with third parties.

  4. Will I receive emails from you if I register?

    As a registered user, you may receive email announcements of promotions and new features. You may elect to have notices sent to you whenever new commuters enter the database that match your commute criteria (activate this feature under the “reminders and alerts” section). You may opt out of emails at any time - just look for the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us.

If you have questions, visit our Contact Page for contact information for your Transportation Management Association (TMA) or call 1-800-245-POOL (7665) to be connected to your TMA during business hours.