Park and Ride FAQ

  1. How do I find a place to park and meet my ride? Try our Park and Ride match feature. We'll display a map of nearby park and ride facilities. Driving directions are provided for your convenience as well. Park and rides can be used for:
    • Park & meet carpool partner(s) (up to you and your carpool partners to choose a location)
    • Park & meet vanpool (Our web site matches you to closest registered vanpool stop, which may be a park and ride)
    • Park & take transit (Our web site can provide you a transit trip plan from a park and ride)
  2. What's an official Park and Ride lot? An official park and ride is a place where it is allowable to leave your car and continue your commute.
  3. Can't I park just anywhere? If you park on private property or in a public lot not intended for park and ride, the owner of the lot may have your car towed at your expense and you may be liable for a parking fine.

If you have questions, visit our Contact Page for contact information for your Transportation Management Association (TMA) or call 1-800-245-POOL (7665) to be connected to your TMA during business hours.