Carpool FAQ

  1. Is carpooling free? There is no fee to use NJ Rideshare. Carpooling is an informal arrangement between the members of the carpool, in which the members decide the driving responsibilities and any costs to be shared. In some cases, participants share the driving responsibilities and costs equally. In other cases, one participant may choose to do most or all of the driving. In this case, often the other members of the carpool reimburse the driver for their share of the driving expenses. These arrangements are agreed upon among the carpool participants.
  2. Is there government money for carpooling? Carpooling is a voluntary arrangement among commuters and there are no government subsidies associated with it. Some employers may offer incentives, monetary or otherwise, to employees who carpool. Check with your employers to find out if they offer any incentives.
  3. Is carpooling safe? It is up to each carpool participant to screen the person they are choosing to carpool with, e.g. by setting up a meeting in a public place or reviewing their social media sites. Use your best judgement when selecting carpool partners.
  4. Where can we park and meet? Many areas have park and ride facilities, often located near major highways. Additionally, some private businesses may allow parking on their property. However, you should always check with management at the property first to gain approval. Some businesses tow unwanted vehicles at the owner’s expense. Visit the park and ride feature for official places to park and meet your carpool or vanpool.
  5. What if I need to get home in an emergency? In some cases Emergency or Guaranteed Ride Home programs (usually denoted as GRH or ERH programs) are available to those that have an emergency at work and need to leave prior to their scheduled carpool or vanpool departure time. Most agencies limit the amount of emergency rides available to participants, but the goal of the program is to make it easy, efficient and affordable to get home in the cast of illness or an emergency. Ask your Transportation Management Association (TMA) if this service is available in your area.

If you have questions, visit our Contact Page for contact information for your Transportation Management Association (TMA) or call 1-800-245-POOL (7665) to be connected to your TMA during business hours.